Do African (American),(Caribbean),(diaspora) lives matter?

Does the African-American or Carribean-American diaspora actually matters in the present day’s context? For years, The United States has been the most sought-after destination for international migrants.

How is the life of these communities in the contemporary time? Does the African-decent Amercian gets some different treatment from the black migrants to the US from other parts of the world? This will reveal a mix and match of picture. One some notes, America does not consider the black migrants separately, depending on the status of their homeland. As such, it really makes a good sense to discuss on this topic.

The US police now has a legacy in treating blacks with a double standard

The class struggle between the Whites and blacks in the US covers several generations. This way, they have probably developed a legacy that they would have to appreciate to achieve. In that regard, there has been a constant legacy about the US police treating the blacks, differently than the Whites.  In this regard, the black migrants, irrespective of their homeland in African or in the Carribean island, have received the same hostile treatment from the cops.

  • There are records that the Police have not even bothered to arrest a White man for slaughtering an African-American.
  • Police refuse to take any actions against the accused for illegally shattering the shop of a Jamaican-American, simply for the reason he was a white man.

In addition, it will be worthy to give mention about the following instances that will enable one to understand the situation better:

  1. The local police across various US cities have threatened to arrest the Blacks, while they were in the course of morning jogging, accusing that he/she is a suspicious person found in the locality.
  2. African and Carribean Americans faced charges for suspicious Traffic violation, even when they never attempted such moves.

From these instances, it comes up that, the diaspora of a black American, irrespective of his/her Carribean or African decent, had to face very harsh and stringent treatments in the US soils. As such, one can state, the diaspora serious matters, however, not much in terms of the original homeland of the black person.

The tragedy is, the soil that gave the rest of the world the magic words of liberty, equality and fraternity, such social injustice, just based on the racial diaspora is not at all acceptable.

How the society has intensified the crisis of diaspora?

It will be unwise to consider the crisis of Diaspora based on the ill-treatments from the cops only. Rather, one should consider it as a small fragment of the total view point of the society. As the police have intensified the crisis of these flocks, the society itself has not trailed behind in this regard. Rather, the society has intensified these differences between the Whites and blacks, treating all the Black-Americans with some ill-treatments that have shattered the policies of equality and social justice.

  1. Deserving candidates from Black-American communities were not given the pay hike or a promotion on the job, though they deserved it sincerely.
  2. Authorities  have been highly reluctant in setting an expert team, wherein Whites were working under a Black-American.
  3. Whites refused to deal with a shop just for the reason it was owned and operated by a Black-American
  4. In all these instances, the victim Black American included Carribean-decent and African-Decent American to the equal extent.

Besides, there have been the mournful instances like childhood friends from the White and Black American communities loosing their bonding completely, after they grew up in age and become familiar with the disparity in life in these communities. Again, there has been struggles and clashes between 2 or more communities of Black Americans. As such, drawing a general notion that the struggle and issues with the diaspora of the race is not restricted among one or a few communities of the blacks. Rather, this diaspora has affected the blacks, irrespective of their decent and the fact about their original homeland. The scorching fact is, both the African and Carribean decent Americans has to face these issues to the same alarming extents.

Considering the facts stated above, it comes out that, the Diaspora of life certainly matters in American In one hand. It is for the reason, Black-Americans now have a history of being a victim to social inequalities. Irrespective of the Carribean or the African descent, Black Americans had to accept deprivation and ill treatments.

As such, sincere efforts are needed to address the issues based on one’s community, racial factors or complexion. This will certainly make America all the more progressive and advanced, with the Blacks putting their sincere efforts beyond the progress of the country on the whole.

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