National Garden Meditation Day, created for you to relax and think of yourself. Ideally, you would work in the garden, tend to the plants and flowers, or rest quietly in a  garden as a form of meditation. Gardening and mediating can both be restorative to the soul. Meditation and gardening offer many benefits. When you couple it with the outdoor peace of a garden, you also get to enjoy the benefits nature has to offer.

  • Fresh air – Immediately we benefit from being in the fresh air.
  • Audio therapy – Natural sounds of the birds, a water fountain, or a breeze through the trees offer a reprisal from the everyday chaos of the television, radio, and other appliances indoors.
  • Eases pain – The physical activity of gardening helps to loosen joints and stretch muscles. However, meditation alone also helps to reduce pain.
  • Vitamin D – A natural dose (though limited) dose of the sun’s bounty keeps us healthy and strong. Do wear sunblock or protective wear to reduce your risk of overexposure.
  • Improve sleep – Rest better by communing with nature. Whether you spend time pulling weeds or focusing your thoughts among the flowers, sleep will come more easily.
  • Ease anxiety – Worries begin to evaporate as our muscles relax, and we take deeper slower breaths. The exercise of gardening also allows us to forget about our worldly concerns for a while.

Get out and get some fresh air today.

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